The Voice of Silence

A chain of events,

has caused silence,

the violent won,

only to be burned by the sun,


more like disillusion,

life controlled by confusion,

silence still,

no movement,

no thing,

nothing is real,

as the spiral of disembodiment narrows,

captivity escapes,

enlarging the shadows,

a thing emerges,


it moves,

causing a chain of events,

silence is heard.

The journey of enlightenment

In deep thought,

I yearn to be accepted,

yet remain unfulfilled,

with open arms,

I am empty,

searching for answers,

yet unwilling to receive truth,

attention escapes me,

the challenge is too great,

the road too long,

no words comfort,

nothing satisfies,

so I try,

I take what I have,

unlocking the door,

I go,

ignoring fear,

I move,

as the road narrows,

the outlook darkens,

I turn in,


what others have discarded,

acceptence is discovered.