The Purge


The gates of hell open,

spirits casts upon the face of the earth,

fear prevails

as hearts sink into darkness,

words form out of the holes of iniquity,

provoking the masses to turn,

cities burn,

awakening the souls of three witnesses,

the past enslaves the present,

burning the faithful in their hope,

vapors go up,

reaching beyond the clouds

the cries shake heaven,

seeing love enslaved to fear,

the King is moved,


in meekness He engages his plan,


taking on the onslaught of demons

He reaps,

what was sown,

in darkness

He implants a light,

deep in the hearts,

the eye is sight,

with one blow the demons retreat,

purging the world of fear.

His plan is complete.

Masked Stillness


Stillness is masked by silence,

the dead awaken and the heart stops,

enslaved by the end,

sin shames,

causing pain to reign within,

nothing swallows the whole,

as the blood drains,

filling the nostrils of the lost,

the mind exalts time,

the watchers move in,

expecting the words to be uttered,

suddenly the end comes,

yet nothing occurs,

like the waves beating against the shore,

the end recedes as the sunrises,

light invades

giving way a new day,

freeing stillness to speak…


Cord less interludes,

the fall

rises from the ashes,

ravishing the ground,


the heart,

turned by a hand,


to no end,

avenues are sold,

glories insured,

this is not the plan,

purposed to soar,

the back stays grounded,

comfort replaces uncertainty

the mind clouded,

the turning

subsets the terminal,

the train derails,

at the plea of strangers,

the stop is unwanted,

but accepted with anger,

emotions are not expressed

they are chosen,

words not confessed

are broken,

the screen dims

the cord unplugged…