Rewinding Time


Reflecting on time,

The spine rewinds,

calculated in dust,

weighted by glory,

the watchers know the story,

amnesia entertains the herd,

with framed screens

they lean,

pushed over by a scare,

they stare


in the ocean of despair,

a seed drops from the air,

the impact spreads,

the Word is heir,

as time rewinds.

the mind refines

the heart reminds…

Walking on Clouds


I see a world beyond the clouds,
a world that is free from the proud,
a world not built on shame,
a world that does not feed on pain,
I see a world that rests in peace,
a world not fighting to know,
rather a world that looks to show,
the creativity of man is all on display,
as the heart lifts
the clouds drift away,
worlds merge into one,
as the Glory is revealed in the Son.