Freedom sounds

There is a freedom that resounds from my soul,

It is foreign to me, though I admit,

I listen,

I fear it.

How can I possibly be free, when bars surround me.

I see….though I am blind,

What could it hurt to follow?

As I escape inside,

I wake to discover reality,

no barriers,

no restriction,

life unstoppable,

I discover,

I am free.

Be Consistent

“The race is not given to the swift or the strong but the one who endures until the end.”

Talent is a great thing to possess but talent alone will profit you little.  Your talent has to be nurtured and challenged for you to really discover the depth of what you possess.  Many people can start a marathon but not everyone is willing to see it through until the end.  Being consistent is a quality that will take you beyond just finishing one marathon.  It will take you to the highest level and help you realize your potential.

An important aspect of being consistent is what you love to do is, it elevates the stress of trying to do it all at one time.  No man can run across the United States of America in one day but if he consistently ran each day with focus and determination he would eventually get there.  Why?  because he is not focused on the end, but rather the present challenge.  Those that are consistent in life get things done.  They may not be the most talented but they make up for it by having supreme focus for a short amount of time.

Being consistent allows you to enjoy the journey and appreciate present.  No longer burdened by the massive goal set before you.   You reach for the small goal ahead of you.  If you are overweight, getting from 300 pounds to 180 pounds would seem almost impossible and if that is your focus, you will eventually quit when adversity comes.  It is not about a quick fix, it is about being fully present in your now.  It is about being better than you were yesterday.  The weight (burdens) will be a distant memory through consistently striving to do better than you did before.  One day you will be where you set out to go but still eager to go even further.  Your consistency will take you beyond your goals to places you never imagined going.

Until next time…..

E’yen A. Gardner