Dear Black Man,


Dear Black Man

Lies embedded in us since birth,

we live under a curse,

slaves held by invisible chains,

never traveling beyond our fears

we cherish the cell,

poverty sets in.

the uniform don’t respect,

they judge before we speak,

knowing our power

they feed us words from their teleprompter,

the propaganda keeps us blind from our strength,

weakening us with their drugs

we sin,

Not against God

but against ourselves,

proving the stereotype to be true,


the truth is

we are not fighting skin

we are fighting sin,

It is a battle

but only in the spirit

ignorance has stripped us of our weapons,

our strength given to their green and their thighs,

their witches hex us

as we lay,

taking our secrets and give us pain,

cutting off our head with the sword of shame.

The system is rigged

you know that to be true,

but who said you had to play?

We are kings

so why live as slaves.

Walk in the light and shun their evil ways.

We don’t have to fight

for we already won.

Black man

take pride in yourself,

you have a purpose,

one that uplifts and doesn’t curse,

the power is in your mouth

so change your tone,

living to love

instead of being a clone,

Adorn yourself in love,

don’t hate your skin,

for the truth is

all come from a black man.

I need You! Overcoming pride to rest in the Presence of #God

Most of the times I get lost and I need a word to put things back into focus.

“It has never been about what I do but rather my attentiveness to what God has already done.  I don’t have to try to be God, I can just be with God, resting in His presence and goodness.  That is the difference between humility and pride.  Pride says I want to be God.  Look how great I am.  Look at what I have done.  Look at me, please. lol  There is no reverence of God.  There is no awe of His presence.  It is hard to admit but I say I believe in God but a lot of times my actions say I believe I’m God.  In a society that feeds the ego, it is hard to seek God when you are constantly looking for validation from others.  Will they like what I have created. With no thought of pleasing God.  When the validation comes from man, like a drug you lose sight of reality and live in the illusion your pride creates.  The truth is without God there would be no art.  There would be no inspiration.  There would be no passion.  We need God.  I need God.  I don’t want to go there adversity just to see how much I need God.  I need to see Him now.  I need to see Him when I look in the mirror.  I need to see him when I make dinner for my family.  I need to see Him when I drive during rush hour.  You see, humility just wants to be in God’s presence.  No witty phrase, no memorable prayer, just a honest confession. “I need You.”

no One sees


I close my eyes,

my heart speaks,

no words are uttered,

yet I feel complete.

The wall has separated me from them,

filtered through a life

no One sees,

could I be just an illusion,

dimensions blurred by confusion,

I don’t know,

It seems like I’ve been placed in a corner,

with no time Out

I shout

no One hears.

My purpose is unsung

cleaning in places

no One sees,

this is reality,

dimensions cleansed by the Son,

the heart speaks,

in the reflection of the One.

The Trap


The thought drifts in the wind of time,

redefining space in the process.

The wall once a lofty dream has come to an end,

bending rubber under pressure.

Entering ways that were meant to remain shut,

the feet scurry for safety,

the noose is set for destruction,

baited with lies of prosperity,

the eyes widen,

as the flesh indulges

the mind slumbers

blind to danger

the snare snaps

leaving the reward

the silent rests,

awaiting to be buried in trash,

the spirit lifts

no longer afraid

the thought drifts.