God no more (rant/poem)

I hear

you can turn water into wine,

but I don’t drink,

I don’t fit those miracles,

I don’t desire wine,

or a walk across water,

what I want

is to be a good father,

can you help me?

or am I on my own,


raising these kids

to believe

but to never receive,

lets be honest

I know you got me,

but these thoughts haunt me,

where are you

when my son goes to school

with holes for shoes,

do you hear me or do you only speak,

I know

I am brat,

looking for a hand out

instead of standing pat,

but that rat doesn’t have a conscience

corrupting our home

and disrupting our silence,

I am not looking for much,

I know you got me,

no, I got you,

it is just…

I am threw with religion,

a cycle of rules that cause indecision,

I want you

without the veil,

I want you

without the threat of hell,

I want you

not the idea of perfection,

I want you

not a book,

I want to look

in your eyes

and know this journey is worth it,

call me Tom

I don’t care,

I can feel you

fill me

I know

you’re here

now with me.

Lock down



all is darkness

sound is sequenced

to dull the mind,

the spine

is out of line


the crime

is refined


through time,

darkness speaks

cold are the words,

draining life

with its utterance

the soul


as cows feed on grass

full to no end,

so is the soul fed

in the desire of sin,


all is darkness

even the light,


we believe,

it’s not true

It was never intended

to continue


dreams are fantasies

ponder on this

how can one be three?

Its a virus

lock down

no soul can escape

eyes are phi,

illusions of pride

the truth

no ones alive,

but one.

Lock down

the rhetoric of fools,

the clues…

lock down

the key…

the voice

is eye.

the one

darkness sees.

The Acts Of Now.

Originally posted on chester maynes:

Does change shape me
into the image I
cannot comprehend?

I rather contemplate.

Things get better
in good ways when I
know how to tolerate.

I cannot complain.

When one hates the
transformation of others,
be aware.

I accept to understand.

If I pursue the best
of others, I am

I must know reality.

To face what is now
is to respect the

I stop to turn around.


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Wake Up!


Wake up 

years have passed,

and we are still resting on the job,

filling the banks,

that control the mob,


they don’t want the voice to speak,

killing the fearless,

always shatters the sheep.

Wake up,

the cycle continues,

corrupting our sons in the blood of shame,

our daughters grow up in a field of pain,

poison is in our lungs,

as we speak wrath to our neighbor,

there is no defense

only anger.

Wake up,

the lie promotes violence,

as our youth suffer in silence,

Wake up

there is no black or white,

only pride,

this is the end,

enough have died.

Wake up

I am tired so I’ll sleep,

Wake me up

when you are ready to stand against the elite.

Wake up!

Dear Black Man,


Dear Black Man

Lies embedded in us since birth,

we live under a curse,

slaves held by invisible chains,

never traveling beyond our fears

we cherish the cell,

poverty sets in.

the uniform don’t respect,

they judge before we speak,

knowing our power

they feed us words from their teleprompter,

the propaganda keeps us blind from our strength,

weakening us with their drugs

we sin,

Not against God

but against ourselves,

proving the stereotype to be true,


the truth is

we are not fighting skin

we are fighting sin,

It is a battle

but only in the spirit

ignorance has stripped us of our weapons,

our strength given to their green and their thighs,

their witches hex us

as we lay,

taking our secrets and give us pain,

cutting off our head with the sword of shame.

The system is rigged

you know that to be true,

but who said you had to play?

We are kings

so why live as slaves.

Walk in the light and shun their evil ways.

We don’t have to fight

for we already won.

Black man

take pride in yourself,

you have a purpose,

one that uplifts and doesn’t curse,

the power is in your mouth

so change your tone,

living to love

instead of being a clone,

Adorn yourself in love,

don’t hate your skin,

for the truth is

all come from a black man.